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ESM Smart Plastics Hub selected for support by the TAF program of S3 platform

Within the demo-case “Polymers based functional products” of ESM pilot, a specific use-case devoted to smart plastics has been defined and studied… READ MORE

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Progress update from the 3DP pilot

A growing number of regions, organisations and (implemented) projects in the 3DP Pilot!  The start of the year 2021 was marked, for the 3DP Pilot,… READ MORE

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A new paper of the Bioeconomy Pilot has published by the Open Access journal “Sustainability.”

In recent decades, industrial research has devoted enormous investments to demonstrate sustainable circular bio-based business models capable of… READ MORE

Smart Health: new Vanguard Initiative pilot project launched

On 14th of April the kick-off event of the Smart Health Vanguard Initiative pilot project took place. More than 100 participants gathered online to… READ MORE

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Progress update from the bioeconomy pilot

Talking on rural innovation and regions’ green transformation with the Bioeconomy Pilot Guest of the round table “A modern bioeconomy sector for… READ MORE

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The new Vanguard AI Pilot Kick-Off meeting

Vanguard Initiative’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Pilot is one of the two new Pilots launched by Vanguard in 2021. The AI Pilot is jointly lead by… READ MORE

Vanguard Initiative Regional Conference: New growth of industrial regions through Smart Specialization

The Vanguard Initiative Regional Conference New growth of industrial regions through Smart Specialization organized by Norte and Galicia regions,… READ MORE

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The Commission published the I3 stakeholder consultation results

The European Commission published the report on the assessment of the stakeholder consultation on the new Interregional Innovation Investment… READ MORE

EU Industry Days: successful webinar on The Industrial Transition

The EU Industry Days webinar Regions in Industrial Transition: Making digital work for SMEs in regional innovation ecosystems organized by Th!nk East… READ MORE

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VI is a member of the Industrial Forum

The Vanguard Initiative, represented by The Basque Country, has been selected by the European Commission as a member of the Industrial Forum… READ MORE

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Successful workshop on the availability of regional instruments to fund 3DP Pilot cases

Over the last years and months, the 3DP Pilot was able to design various SMEs-led ‘application-specific projects’ generated by active demo-cases. For… READ MORE

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First results of the activities towards a funding and financing roadmap for Vanguard Initiative's Pilots

Following the decision to anchor the analysis of the regional funding and financing (F&F) opportunities to the concrete needs of the Vanguard… READ MORE